Reality Something Tees!

Tee shirts are cotton-poly blend and very very thin and you will look really, really cool. unisex sizes XS-XL. The first bunch I send out will come with safety pin pinned above heart area to show solidarity with with those in all groups targeted by our new “president” and co. Reality Something stands with you ❤ (this is a real thing i didn’t just make it up). Besides, safety pins are punk af everyone knows that. $20



Something like Reality vol. 2 “the kids are not alright”


No critics have called it: “30 pages of wtf am I reading.” “Like a bad cup of coffee after a bad dream.” “Featuring a wild revolving cast of characters including liars, idiots, strangers who love eachother for no reason, and people who don’t know they are dead.” Me i poet now. Relate to me shell to shell.

Cover photo by Jessie English


Click the ‘merch’ button to buy one now and write me a complaint letter later. $10 you can ‘sample’ below :/