cropped-6p4a1111.jpgReality Something is a female fronted rock band based out of Nashville, TN. Their self-titled EP, released in 2015, demonstrates a strong kinship to alternative rock, and the front women present therein. This is especially true lyrically; Elena Franklin confesses and observes in diary-like fashion, as stark, honest and deliberate as the genre she typifies. Though new, the arcs here are clear and fully realized, the documentation relentless and explorative, with Franklin already prolific in her own manifestation of the DIY aesthetic. The additions of Kingsley Brock– who for his part as lead guitarist, leans toward the warmer, expressionistic nature of 70s rock– and Ethan Place and Bill Grasley, heavily significant in balancing and emphasizing their counterparts– come together to culminate in an outfit both that is timely, nostalgic, and vital.